Article Processing Charge

The African Journal of Advanced Pure and Applied Sciences (AJAPAS) is an open-access journal, free for anyone to read and download, all over the world. To sustain this model, journal costs, including editorial assistance, article production, indexing, and marketing, are covered either by author charges or via our Subscribe to Open initiative. 

Authors need to pay the following article processing charge upon acceptance of the manuscript (effective from July 20, 2023).

70 USD (up to 2 authors only).
90 USD (up to 5 authors only).

The article processing charge includes:

    • Individual Certificate Soft Copy to all authors of the paper.
    • Author registration charges.
    • Editorial Fee.
    • Publication of one entire research paper online.
    • Indexing and maintenance of journal infrastructures

Payment of Processing Charges:

Please contact us via Whatsapp (00218910539932) or (